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What You Do As A Doctor

Being a Doctor means that you have the responsiblity and care for to treat your patient. Being a Doctor also means that you are able worry about the lives of others. This all comes to an understanding on "What You Do As A Doctor". But there are different types of Doctors that do different kinds of Professions. For example,Orthopedics deals with the bones of the body while a Cardiologist deals with the heart and its diseases. These different jobs are dependent on the skills you chose to take to master as your career. This means the understanding that you know about your "Career" and "focus", the education that is needed for one and your own income.

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Orthopedics means the study to diagnosis, treat, the prevention and the rehabilitation of the body's musculoskeletal system. This kind of physician focuses their career on the bones of the human body. They are espically used to the elder because of their problems in their old age.


Cardiology means the study of the blood vessels, the heart and the cardiovascular system. These physicians use different types of tools such as the Echocardiogram, which is a sound wave used to see the structure and the function of the heart.


Dermatology means the study to treat and diagnose people with eczema, acne and psoriasis . These types of physicians diagnose and treat about 3,000 different types of diseases.